San Teodoro  is one of the most amazing sun and sea destinations of the eastern Coast of the island and definetely of the entire Sardinia.

Bathed by the splendid Tyrrenian Sea, the little village has got all the conforta and services for tourists and citizens at a very high standard as you would expect from one of the very top destinations in Sardinia.

San Teodoro beaches and sea

best beach in sardinia san teodoro olbiaSan Teodoro Coast is 37 km long. It alternates unspoiled spots and splendid white sandy beaches  reflecting upon the unique colours of the blue sea. The seaside is for everyone and all the beaches can be easily reached from the city centre walking, by bike or by car for laziest. All the beaches are well equipped and tourists will find all comforts in there to experience a total relax holiday.

Top spots in the coast are made of bright colours and large white sandy beaches. Each location is suitable for every tourist need, for those travelling with children thanks to their services of course, but most because of the low depth of the sea, suitable for all kind of games and sports. The most popular beach, and also the largest, is the famous La Cinta, 10 km of show.   The beach is surrounded by the blue sea in one hand and dunes and natural ponds on the other. Here you can admire the miracle show of pink flamingos, this is their home in the Mediterranean during their migration.

San Teodoro is the ideal location for water sport lovers: from snorkeling to diving, windsurf and kite surf. This amazing corner of Sardinia distinguishes fro all the others  for offering tourists and travellers endless chances to satisfy their needs and experience their passions!

Don’t forget to respect and protect  the sea environment and the beaches. In fact, San Teodoro coast belongs Tavolara Protected Marine Area – Punta Coda Cavallo. For this reason it is always necessary to respect simple rules on how to deal with the incredible rich environment you are staying in.  Thanks to your commitment San Teodoro will remain an unforgettable destination for a sun and sea holiday.

All the amenities in San Teodoro

san teodoro sardinia travel vacationAll the amenities can be found in the city centre, with all useful services for guests and tourists.  In order to offer travellers the most pleasant and unforgettable experience ever, San Teodoro offers best sea service attractions  including the rent of special equipment, boat, sea bed etc.

Shopping  is one of the most rewarding activities for tourists in San Teodoro and certainly you will not miss the amusement of the several night clubs reknown all over the island of Sardinia. Children will also enjoy thank to the many water parks in the surroundings. Transports are not a problem at all since there are plenty of deals to hire cars, motorbike, bike, quads and much more.  In San Teodoro exist taxi service and vehicle hire with driver service, together with buses connecting the little town to the main and small destinations spread all over the island.

Moreover, there are wi-fi areas, Post Office, banks and ATM and obviously first aid emergency service and pharmacies The main hospitals of Olbia and Nuoro can be easily reached.